Most vehicles today use some form of electronic components and circuitry, to provide better fuel economy and performance. Your vehicle may have an engine management warning light to inform operators/ users that there is a fault on the electronic circuits.    
The reason for the Mil/ EMS warning light will have to be ascessed using top of the range diagnostic equipment to find out range/ performance or malfunction of various electronic components.

Engine management systems make use of sensors to keep your engine running smoothly. Basic sensor types are TPS (trottle postion sensors), CPS (cam position sensors), MAF (mass air flow meter) and CAS ( crank angle position sensors).

These are but a few of the more common type of sensors in a modern day electronic management system.                                
Counter and speedo meter -  once an actuator test has been carried out we can locate cause of fault. Our auto electricians get the most up to date training on electronics,                                
so we make sure your vehicle is mobile as soon as possible. Let us attend to your vehicle and make sure there are no hidden stored faults that might leave you stranded.
Besides the sensors, we check the vehicles ECU ( engine control unit) for any stored/ pending faults via our diagnostic equipment. Continuity between ECU and sensors is also checked, as possibly broken wiring can enable your vehicle to be immobilised.