Air Conditioning

Most trucks/ cars and earth moving vehicles have air conditioning systems fitted.
We attend to all makes of vehicles aircon systems. The air conditioning system is fitted for the comfort, and enjoyment for the driver/ operator in South Africas hot climate.
Many mines and sites require the air coinditioning to be operational for operators, and machines may even be stopped untill such systems are working correctly.
Common components such as compressor pump, evaporator, condensor, receiver drier, expansion valves, block valves and thermostats/ rhoestats are used. We check the whole system for leaks, blockages and malfunction.
We fit complete aircon systems to most vehicles as many vehicles come out from factory with the extra advantage of fitting aircon systems if vehicle was not fitted with it. When a vehicle does not circulate cool crisp air into your vehicle through the vents, it may be due to various reasons such as :                                
* blower fan malfunction
* compressor pump failure
* leaks
* blockages
* broken switches
* broken condensor fan and pipes
These are only but a few common faults that might have occured, please come to our workshop for a free quote. We do refills, leak detection and system analysis with our top of the range equipment. Our prices are very competitive.